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Alimony for Divorcing Spouses

Also referred to as maintenance or spousal support, alimony can be defined as a payment made from one party to another after a divorce. In Maryland, alimony may be determined by a court order or mutual agreement between divorcing spouses. It may be awarded on a permanent or rehabilitative basis. Rehabilitative alimony is intended to temporarily support the receiving spouse, while permanent alimony is awarded on a long-term basis, often until the death of the receiving spouse.

There are numerous factors to be considered when a court awards alimony and when couples reach their own alimony agreement. You need to be certain that your financial situation and needs are properly communicated, for your immediate and long-term financial stability. A skilled Annapolis divorce lawyer can accomplish this. Whether through mediation or another collaborative approach, or in the courtroom, DiPietro Law Group, PLLC can provide the level of counsel and representation you need.

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Calculating, Enforcing & Modifying Alimony in Maryland

In Maryland, the courts will determine alimony on a case-by-case basis. This may include the consideration of the following factors:

  • The standard of living experienced during the marriage
  • The length of the marriage
  • The age and health of each spouse
  • Each spouse’s financial situation
  • Each spouse’s contribution to the marriage, financial and otherwise
  • Each spouse’s earning capacity
  • Any other factors the court deems relevant to the case

When alimony is calculated, it may be modified if a change in circumstances is significant enough to warrant an increase, decrease, or termination. Remarriage of the receiving spouse will generally terminate alimony.

Whether you need help calculating, negotiating, or modifying alimony – or you need guidance relating to enforcing spousal support obligations – our Annapolis alimony attorneys are here to help. We realize that every case is different and will provide the personalized attention you need.

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