Introduction - 101 Virginia Divorce FAQs (Blog Series and Ebook)

Over the next four months, our Virginia divorce lawyers are going to be publishing a series of blog posts designed to surface and answer 101 of the most common questions people ask about the divorce process. This blog series is also available in ebook form, if you’re interested in downloading and reading everything all at once. We hope you enjoy.


Just as every marriage is unique, no two divorces are the same. Maybe you and your spouse struggled through months of counseling to try to reconcile a deep philosophical divide or come to terms with the aftermath of an affair. Or perhaps the marriage is irretrievably broken, and you just want intelligent advice about how to protect your assets, your children and your peace of mind. No matter where you are in the process — and how much pain you’ve endured because of the separation — there is hope. You can make it through this process and recover your dignity, equilibrium and perspective.

This ebook, 101 FAQs about Getting Divorced in Virginia: Smart Answers to Common Questions,series can help you answer the pressing and diverse questions you have about the Virginia divorce process. While it is not a legal guide — and in no way should it be construed as legal advice — itthe book can help you organize your thinking about what to do and what to avoid doing and give you insight about what problems (and opportunities) your future may hold.

The book is laid out in several sections, each one of which surfaces and discusses the urgent concerns of the newly separated. Even in the best of circumstances, it can be scary to manage complex issues, like child custody, spousal support, and the division of marital assets. But when surprises strike — What if your spouse falsely accuses you of wrongdoing or hires a divorce attorney with a nasty reputation, for instance? — you want a quick way of referencing potential scenarios and planning to meet them.

Here’s a quick preview:. Feel free to read the book straight through, or skip to chapters of interest:

Section #1. The Basics of Virginia Divorce

First, we will cover the fundamentals, discussing ideas like what can be considered grounds for divorce in Virginia and what proof is required. Virginia is one of a handful of states in which you can file what’s known as a “fault” divorce. How do you prove “fault,” and why would you want to do that? This section touches on questions of that nature to help people with limited-to-no knowledge of the Virginia divorce process, understand the playing field.

Section #2. Common Divorce Scenarios

In this section, we’ll discuss contingencies, such as how the divorce might play out if you and your spouse have children together, what happens during high net worth divorces, and what happens to a business that’s co-owned by spouses who separate. Learn the truth about prenuptial agreements, online dating after a separation, the impact of criminal charges on child custody agreements and much more.

Section #3. Managing the Divorce’s Impact on Your Career, Health and Relationships

A divorce does not occur in a vacuum. It touches every facet of your life — financial, emotional, physical and social. We’ll cover common problems and solutions, dealing with issues ranging from stress management to healthy eating to financial planning.

Section #4. Choosing a Virginia Divorce Lawyer

Do you need legal help with your divorce? If so, how can you vet prospective firms and build a working relationship with an attorney to get results and enjoy peace of mind? We’ll go through some questions and exercises to help you get clarity.

A Systematic Approach to the Diverse Challenges of Getting Divorced in VA

While this seriesbook is not a do-it-yourself guide, nor a legal reference, it can help you think more conscientiously and effectively about your options. By the end of our journey together, you should feel more comfortable, less confused and more capable of facing whatever happens next. Next time, we’ll jump in and start answering your questions. If you need assistance now with your Fairfax Virginia divorce, call our team at DiPietro Law Group, PLLC right now for a consultation at (888) 530-4374!

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