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There are few things more challenging in a person’s life than going through a divorce. Even in the most amicable of situations, the divorce process can be lengthy, costly, and emotionally draining. Some conflicts may also arise that must be resolved through mediation or litigation.

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Divorce Matters We Handle

At DiPietro Law Group, PLLC, we understand the various intricacies involved in any divorce. Our team of Fairfax divorce lawyers has extensive experience handling a wide range of divorce-related issues, including, but not limited to:

We are prepared to serve as your strong advocate and helpful guide throughout the process, working to protect your rights and best interests. Though we always strive for a swift, favorable resolution, we realize that this is not always possible and are prepared to aggressively represent you in court, if needed.

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Divorce FAQ

  • What are the grounds for divorce in Fairfax, VA?: You may seek a divorce based on "fault" or "no-fault" in the divorce. Grounds for a fault-based divorce may include reasons such as adultery, cruelty or extreme physical or emotional harm, willful desert or abandonment, or incarceration for a felony conviction for one year or more. For a no-fault divorce, you must have been living separately for at least one year, although there may be some circumstances where this duration can be shortened if a legal separation agreement was laid in place prior to filing your divorce petition. DiPietro Law Group, PLLC can help your case to meet the requirements for either a no-fault or fault-based divorce.
  • What should I do to prepare for divorce in Fairfax County?: Start setting money aside and open a separate bank account. Make sure your spouse cannot access your account. You should also close any joint accounts that you have with your spouse. Keep track of your finances and make copies of important financial documents like bank and credit card statements, pay stubs, and tax returns.
  • What is the difference between legal separation and divorce?: With a legal separation, the couple is still legally married to each other but live apart. If the couple decides to get divorced at a later time, they have to go through the formal process to end the marriage. Just like a divorce, legal separation will require you to determine child custody, visitation, child support, and spousal support arrangements.
  • What if I don’t know where my spouse is?: If you are seeking divorce but cannot locate your spouse, you can ask the court for an Order of Notice by Publication. This order allows you to run a “legal advertisement” in a local newspaper that informs your spouse of your intent to file for divorce. If your spouse doesn’t respond in a reasonable amount of time, your divorce will be finalized by default.
  • Are there residency requirements to file for divorce in Virginia?: ​​​Yes, one or both spouses need to be a Virginia resident for at least six months before the couple can file for divorce in the state.
  • Is there a waiting period for divorce in Virginia?: ​​​​​​The answer to this question depends on the type of divorce that is filed. Some various situations include:
    • Fault divorce based on cruelty or desertion requires a one-year period before the divorce can be finalized. If there are no minor children, then this time period could be six months.
    • There is no required waiting period if adultery is the reason for divorce
    • No-fault divorces require a separation period of one year. Again, if there are no minor children involved, this time period could be shortened to six months.

How Our Fairfax Divorce Lawyers Can Help You

With any divorce, there are a myriad of issues that arise. Over the course of a marriage, spouses typically acquire numerous assets and properties. Often, they have children that must be cared for, physically and financially. If one spouse was the primary breadwinner, the other spouse may be concerned for his or her financial future.

Our team of divorce attorneys in Fairfax, VA can help you navigate these and other issues relating to your divorce, such as child custody, support, and visitation following a divorce. If you are facing a contested divorce or dealing with sensitive matters such as domestic violence, our firm is prepared to aggressively advocate for you.

Seeking Favorable Outcomes & Protecting Your Rights

It is very easy—and understandable—for couples to make decisions based on emotion during a divorce. However, this can and often does result in negative consequences for everyone involved. Having the guidance of an attorney can help you avoid unnecessary complications during divorce proceedings. Our team works to help you achieve a fast, favorable outcome for your case.

Of course, you cannot control what your spouse does. If he or she contests the divorce or any related matter, you will likely have to resolve the issue in family court. If this is the case, our Fairfax divorce attorneys are prepared to represent you and fight to protect your legal rights. We understand what is at stake and are prepared to handle every aspect of your case so that you can focus on moving forward with your life.

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