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  • Modifying Divorce Settlements

    In many divorce cases , the goal of the law is to get the divorcing parties to reach an agreement on critical legal issues such as the distribution of ...
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  • Religious Considerations in Divorce Cases

    In general, marriage and divorce are governed by secular state laws. Although these laws may have had roots in religious practice and customs, divorce ...
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  • Are Personal Injury Damages Marital Property?

    Property Division in General When a couple gets divorced , courts are tasked with determining how the property, assets, and liabilities they acquired ...
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  • Family Law Issues & Immigration

    Marriage and Immigration A foreign individual who marries a U.S. Citizen can immigrate to the United States and obtain Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) ...
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  • The Problem of Parental Kidnapping

    Custody disputes over a minor child are one of the most emotionally intense legal battles known to the practice of family law. Unfortunately, the ...
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  • Frequently Asked Questions About Assisted Reproduction Methods

    What Is Assisted Reproduction Technology? In general, assisted reproduction technology (ART) involves unconventional methods of having a baby using ...
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  • How Are Lottery Winnings Treated in Divorce?

    Property Division Issues One of the most significant divorce issues that winning the lottery can impact involves property division. Depending on where ...
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  • How Divorce Affects Inheritance Rights

    What is Inheritance? Inheritance generally refers to any money or property a person receives upon someone’s death. Usually property and money gets ...
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