Anthony Zuiker, CSI Creator, Settles Divorce: Wife Will Get Half His Fortune

Divorce is never easy, even when you’re working with an experienced Alexandria divorce law firm, but the stakes are higher when one of the parties has amassed a significant amount of wealth or property. Such is the case in the recent divorce settlement between CSI creator Anthony Zuiker and his now ex-wife, Jennifer Zuiker.

Although Jennifer filed for divorce about three years ago, the court case did not conclude until recently, when it was determined she would receive half of the fortune he earned throughout their marriage. The payments to the former Mrs. Zuiker will include:

  • Half of Mr. Zuiker’s earnings from his tenure at the 3 CSI shows, as well as part of the proceeds from the new CSI: Cyber franchise.
  • $10,000 in monthly child support.
  • Retention of all designer clothing and accessories.
  • $26,282 for a deposit on a private island vacation.

Mrs. Zuiker will not, however, be entitled to spousal support due to the large sum she will receive from the CSI franchise.

Common Characteristics of High Net Worth Divorces

The Zuikers’ split highlights the complications that emerge when very wealthy couples divorce. Whether they involve famous people or not, high net worth divorces can lead to peculiar complications that need to be handled strategically and with tact. For instance:

• Prenuptial agreements. The presence or absence of a prenuptial agreement can play a significant role in how wealth will be divided during a divorce. Can such an arrangement be enforced? If not, how should the marital estate be split up equitably?

• Compromise. In the absence of a prenuptial agreement, both parties should try to work together to divide assets in a mutually beneficial and fair way. But what happens if one side refuses to compromise or engages in deceptive or even outright illegal (or at least unethical) tactics?

• Custody and child support matters. When children enter into the equation, the dynamics can become further complicated, especially if one or both parents gets remarried. Debates over trusts, custody, child support and family business relationships can escalate and spark lawsuits and bad feelings among close relatives.

If you’re filing for divorce in Washington D.C. or Northern Virginia, a divorce attorney can help you work out the complex details to achieve fair and equitable results. Contact DiPietro Family Law Group, PLLC at (888) 530-4374 for a confidential case consultation.

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