Everyone Talks Gay Marriage. DiPietro Family Law Talks Gay Divorce.

Same-sex marriage has been legally recognized in Virginia since October 6, 2014. Because of a decision made by the Supreme Court, same-sex marriages are now performed in Virginia, and recognized by Virginia if they were performed out of state. Many same-sex couples who had been waiting for a long time for the chance to married, did so as quickly as possible, some with great fanfare.

Sadly, many of these couples got divorced quickly afterwards. This seemed to be a point cast to the great condemners of gay marriage, who had been arguing since the fight for gay marriage really started that gay couple’s relationships are just not as strong as those of the opposite sex. However there are serious factors to consider that most certainly do not support that theory at all.

For one thing, the social pressure in terms of marriage has always been intense. Even in heterosexual relationships where marriage has been a long standing and well-known tradition there is a constant pressure to get married. The longer a relationship goes on, the more people feel comfortable asking when they would be tying the proverbial knot, even perfect strangers. After countless social movements, parades and protests in the streets, gays finally achieved their right to marry. All eyes in the nation turned toward gay couples, and it was like a question from millions of mouths “When are you going to tie the knot?” It was a momentous occasion for many who were ready to be married, and quite a pressure laid upon the shoulders of those who had not considered that to be part of their future for a long time. It had been denied for so long! Why hesitate? Many couples who were simply not ready got swept up in the happy romantic tide, and like plenty of their heterosexual counterparts throughout the years, found that social pressure is not always enough to hold a marriage together.

Even if they were ready to be married at one time, and had been together for years and years, relationships end. For many gay couples, the legalization of gay marriage in their home state meant that they could finally divorce each other. Whether or not they had been married in a state that legalized gay marriage years before, or they had simply been living together for decades as though they were married, many couples just found, like plenty of their heterosexual counterparts throughout the years, that they simply were not compatible on a long enough timeline, or had sadly grown apart. This is hardly a unique trait of gay couples, but unlike their straight counterparts, there was no way to get legal help dividing up the assets they had collected together. Many of these couples still had houses, pets, cars, adopted children or children from previous marriages, etc. that needed to be divided up, and needed help to do so. Just because they were not married did not mean they did not build a life together, which meant disassembling it could get ugly and sad if the law is not involved to provide legal documents to assist. Legal support in divorce and in marriage are both essential to the nation we live in.

There is a reason divorce exists in the first place. People of all genders, sexes, and ages make mistakes, and need to feel free from the societal stigma associated with divorce so that they can feel free to live their lives without fear of making a decision about their private lives that cannot be undone.

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