Is Divorce an End or a New Beginning?

Any divorce brings about a great deal of stress and uncertainty. Depending on the circumstances of how the relationship ended, your feelings may run the gamut from sadness to joy, liberation to confusion, or anywhere in between. These feelings may change over time, or they may amplify. Whether you wished the relationship to end and initiated the divorce, or were left by someone you believed was a partner for life, your perception of the challenges and opportunities in the months and years following a divorce can add to the stress of the situation or place it in its proper context, allowing life to move forward.

Although a divorce is of course an end of a marriage, viewing it as a new beginning is often helpful. Depending on the circumstances of the divorce, it does not have to be the end of your relationship with your former spouse, just the end of the married relationship. Many people, especially those who have children with an ex-husband or wife, eventually form a different sort of relationship with their ex that can be valuable and important. Of course, if the relationship was acrimonious, divorce may be a time to cut all ties and simply move on.

If you are able to see divorce as a new beginning, you may find yourself pursuing options in life that you simply couldn’t when married. Perhaps you’d like to change careers, move to a different part of the country, travel the world, or try a new hobby. Divorce can liberate people to try these things, as they only have to worry about themselves and no longer have to factor a spouse into their decision making.

No matter how you view your divorce, engaging the expertise of an experienced attorney is invaluable. Your attorney will focus on the legal technicalities of your case, relieving you of stress and allowing you to focus on getting on with your life. An experienced divorce attorney will make sure your rights are protected in any divorce agreement, and if there are children involved, will do their utmost to bring about the custody arrangement you desire.

When it comes to choosing a divorce attorney, there is no substitute for legal experience and the ability to meet the needs of each individual client. The dedicated attorneys of DiPietro Family Law Group are ready to help all those in the Northern Virginia area with divorce issues. Contact them today by calling (888) 530-4374 to schedule a consultation.

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