How To Handle The Holidays After Going Through an Incredibly Traumatic, Emotional Divorce

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and family togetherness, but for newly divorced individuals, December is a uniquely painful month. The excitement of the holiday season is replaced with a sense of emptiness, as well as an unwillingness to attend events aimed at couples and families. Keep the following suggestions in mind as you muddle your way through these next few weeks:

Remember That Past Holidays Weren’t Perfect

The grass is always greener, or the snow whiter, particularly when you’re freshly divorced. In your current absence of holiday cheer, it can be easy to look at past holiday seasons with rose-colored glasses. Before you give in to despair, remember the arguing, the stress, the anxiety you felt the last time you took on the holidays as a couple. Remember that loneliness exists within marriages, and that your divorced status does not preclude you from happiness.

Turn to Family and Friends

Complicated custody and visitation agreements can make the holiday season complicated, but your kids are by no means the only loved ones you can embrace during this difficult time. Look to parents, siblings, cousins, friends, and others for comfort. Holiday parties are worth attending with or without a plus one. If you can’t handle traditional holiday parties right now, there’s nothing wrong with inviting your best bud over for a Netflix marathon.

Create New Traditions

The lack of former traditions can be painful during those first few years after divorce, but there’s always the opportunity to create new traditions. If certain places or activities are too painful, replace them with something new and interesting. Is there something you always wanted to do but couldn’t because your ex was uninterested? Now is the time to embrace the things you may have avoided while married.

Help Those In Need

Volunteering can be incredibly therapeutic, especially if you’re dealing with post-divorce loneliness. From soup kitchens to pet shelters, a variety of great causes are in need of a helping hand. You will emerge feeling good about yourself and grateful for your life, divorce and all.

During the holiday season, the last thing you need on top of the emotional burden of a recent divorce is a messy legal battle. Resolve your legal woes with help from DiPietro Family Law Group.

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