Maryland, Virginia and D.C. Resources for Victims of Domestic Violence

Experiencing domestic violence can make a person feel lost, hopeless, and even ashamed. Are there any good options to end the pain and humiliation?

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, know that you are not alone; excellent resources are out there. Although plenty of national resources exist, the following list details your options if you live in Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. or surrounding areas.

Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence (MNADV)

The MNADV is a domestic violence coalition that includes allied professionals, victim service providers, and dedicated volunteers—all united in the cause of eliminating the harmful effects of intimate partner and family violence. This resource provides education, training, resources, and advocacy to protect victims and promote abuser accountability. MNADV includes an extensive list of legal resources to empower victims to take action, as well as a comprehensive map of local programs offering counseling, shelter, and 24-hour hotlines.

Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance

According to the organization’s official website, the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance is Virginia’s leading voice on sexual and intimate partner violence. Their overarching goals are to educate the public, provide resources and options to local victims and build diverse alliances throughout the state. The organization also offers a 24/7/365 hotline that is toll-free, completely confidential, and tailored to the individual needs of LGBTQ individuals, non-English-speakers, and incarcerated victims. Although the site features a regularly-updated directory of Sexual and Domestic Violence Agencies throughout the state of Virginia, concerned individuals are encouraged to call the Virginia Family Violence and Sexual Assault Hotline at 1.800.838.8238 to be connected with the most appropriate local support services.

Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS)

The DCJS “develops, coordinates, and funds victim/witness programs, sexual assault crisis centers, and programs that combat violence against women, including the V-STOP grant program and the programs funded through Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Victim Fund.” If you are the victim of a crime, the DCJS encourages you to call its info-line at 1.888.887.3418 for information and support, which has staff available Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. All callers will be informed of their rights under Virginia’s Crime Victim and Witness Rights Act, which enables victims to take action if they so desire.

Whether you’re interested in taking legal action, or you are just concerned about your rights and opportunities in a difficult situation, the DiPietro Family Law Group strives to be yet another resource for victims of domestic violence in Virginia, Maryland, D.C. and surrounding regions. Call us for a confidential case evaluation at (888) 530-4374.

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