Simone Biles' Story and the Power of Adoption

Remarkable adoptive parents have raised some of the world’s most influential figures. Simone Biles is the perfect example of how adoption can lead to great things; raised by her biological grandparents (whom she refers to as her mom and dad), Biles was encouraged to pursue her dreams. She probably would not have become an Olympic gymnast without her adoptive parents’ unwavering support.

A Difficult Childhood

Biles spent much of her childhood in foster homes. Her mother struggled with multiple addictions and was therefore unable to offer the quality of care Biles and her three siblings deserved. Biles’ father was completely out of the picture, in part because he also suffered from addiction. Eventually, Biles’ maternal grandfather (Ron Biles) and his second wife decided to care for two of the Biles children.

The Adoption Process

Originally, when the Biles kids came to stay with their grandfather, it was a temporary solution. However, when Ron Biles learned that his daughter had been declared unfit to care for her children, he decided to step in. He initially only planned to adopt the youngest Biles child, but his wife convinced him to adopt both Adria and Simone.

Ron and Nellie officially became adoptive parents on Christmas Eve, 2002. Simone immediately decided to refer to them as Mom and Dad, and she continues to do so to this day. Shortly thereafter, her adoptive parents enrolled her in a gymnastics program — and the rest is history.

Biles’ story shows how a stable adoptive household can help a naturally gifted child reach her full potential. While Biles may have been able to overcome the odds and become a gymnast with her biological mother’s help, she probably would have never discovered her athletic talent at all. It took a remarkable set of grandparents-turned-parents to give Biles the unwavering support needed to transform from a gifted child into an Olympian.

Most adoptions are far more complicated than Biles’ (especially if they occur across borders), but for those looking to adopt a family member, Biles’ story demonstrates just how valuable adoption can be.

Simone Biles is just one of millions of inspiring adoption stories. With DiPietro Family Law’s help, you can launch your own adoption story.

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