New year, new divorce

The new year is barely underway, but if you’ve noticed that some of your friends and relatives are divorcing – or if you’re thinking about it yourself – there might be a reason.

New Year’s Day is often referred to as “Divorce Day.” That’s because it’s one of the most common days of year for people to split.

It seems harsh, but in a way it make sense. Many married couples, especially those with children, might want to stick together through the holiday season, hoping that making it work will either save their relationship or at least put on a brave face for their families. But, unfortunately, studies have shown that one out of five couples start considering divorce or separation once Christmas is over. New Year’s Day marks the official end of the holiday season – and it’s a symbol of making a fresh start. Some couples might look at the first day of January as the best way to begin the New Year off right. That might include finally pulling the trigger, filing for divorce and going their separate ways.

In divorce, it appears other big events can either encourage it or delay the process. Researchers on a team from the University of Washington have found that divorces tend to spike in another period of the year – in August. Summer is generally a happy time for most people, the researchers theorized, and many couples might hope that a family vacation at the end of a fun-filled summer will mark a turning point in their relationships. But if things don’t go as planned, as in if the vacation is bad or disappointing, a husband or wife might decide the marriage is therefore a lost cause. August is a ideal time to take steps toward filing for divorce before the kids go back to school in the fall.

Every marriage and situation is as unique as the people who are going through them. The research provides an interesting peek at how the times of year that are supposed to be joyous, with a focus on family, can instill hope for saving a marriage. But the reality is, not even Santa Claus or Disneyland can solve all marital problems.

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