Obsessive, Racing Thoughts About Your Divorce: Here's What You Can Do

The moment you filed for divorce, you suffered constant mental chatter. Suddenly, questions raced through your head, preventing you from enjoying a full night’s sleep.

You’re certainly not alone; many divorcees worry about custody, finances, even their romantic future. Lingering questions can destroy your sanity, and eventually, your physical health. They also make it far more difficult to remain objective in mediation or court.

The following simple steps will help you take control and reduce the mental burden of divorce:

Get It On Paper

According to bestselling author David Allen’s theory of psychic RAM, your brain can only handle so much at once. The natural human tendency is to try to complete all projects at all times, or to suffer a mental burden if said projects stall.

Unfortunately, your psychic RAM’s urgency may not match up with the seemingly endless divorce process. In the meantime, get your fears and intentions on paper. For five minutes, write out any concern that passes through your head, no matter how ridiculous. Once finished, begin to transform those worries into concrete plans. Even if you fail to act on those plans, you’ll feel much better about your prospects.

Meditate or Attend Yoga Class

Meditation may not purge your brain of racing thoughts, but it will teach you to handle them more effectively. To get started, attend a local meditation or yoga class. If you prefer, meditate at home by lying or sitting and focusing on your breath. If obsessive thoughts enter your head, examine them impartially and then let them float away.

Meet With a Support Group

You may feel alone at times, but you’re certainly not the only person to face extreme stress in the midst of a divorce. You could benefit from meeting with like-minded individuals. Divorce support groups abound; find one where you feel comfortable sharing your concerns. Your peers can let you know if those worries are valid or if you’re possibly overreacting.

Remember, the past is over. Worrying will do little to alleviate your current concerns or ensure a better future. The sooner you get obsessive thoughts under control, the better you can handle the rigors of divorce. Compassionate legal counsel can ease much of the mental burden of divorce. Put your fears to rest; contact DiPietro Law Group today to schedule a consultation.

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