How to Deal With the (Potentially Long and Unpredictable) Wait When You're Getting Divorced

It takes seconds to sign a marriage license, but months, even years to undo it. Not only do you have to live separately for a minimum of six months (and more likely, a full year) to qualify for a no-fault divorce, the process itself can drag on. This wait may be punctuated by stressful courtroom appearances. Try these tactics to make the wait more bearable:

Seek Counseling

Many spouses pursue marriage counseling in an effort to save the relationship, and divorce counseling once they decide it’s not worth saving. Divorce counseling isn’t for everyone, but it can make the process a little easier to bear. At minimum, seek personal counseling. You’ll feel better after you release pent-up emotions. Your therapist can also teach you coping strategies to get through the most frustrating aspects of the divorce process.

Pursue Your Passion

Yes, mediation sessions and courtroom appearances are time-consuming. No, divorce does not mean putting your life on hold. Now that you and your ex live apart, you are free to pursue previously stifled passions. Find pockets of time to invest in yourself.

Meditation and Yoga

Struggling to live in the now? Meditation may help. This practice teaches you to let go of mental chatter. Sign up for a class or try it in the comfort of your own home. Either way, your stress will begin to dissipate, even as you deal with the most challenging aspects of divorce. If you’re struggling to keep up a fitness routine, yoga will help you remain active while also harnessing the benefits of mindfulness.

Avoid Hasty Decisions

At some point, you’ll be willing to throw in the towel and do whatever it takes to bring your divorce to a prompt end. Don’t follow through on these feelings of impatience. Think of the end game. How will you feel five years from now if you cast off a divorce priority? If you concede an important arrangement to your ex, do so only after thorough counsel from your attorney. You should understand the full implications of every decision you make.

Patience is the most underrated (and arguably, the most critical) quality for getting through a divorce. It won’t be easy to develop, but once you do, you’ll find divorce a lot less devastating.

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