Who Keeps the Private Club and Golf Memberships in a Divorce in Virginia?

Golf Club

You and your family likely loved spending time at the golf club. Now that you and your spouse are separating, you need to figure out who can continue enjoying that experience.

Divorce is complicated, and dividing an asset like a club membership adds even more complexity. Determining who keeps the private club and golf memberships in divorce depends on many factors, including the membership terms and to who the memberships mean more.

At DiPietro Law Group, we’re here to break down how club memberships in divorce work in Virginia; our divorce lawyers can assist with property division and more to support you through this difficult time.

Examine the Membership Terms

The membership terms are the first things to look at when deciding who keeps the private club and golf memberships in divorce.

Usually, the membership terms specify how to handle membership obligations if the spouses divorce. Many times, the membership will go to whoever you listed as the primary member; the non-primary member can’t always create their own membership. If they can, it may only be because certain members said they could.

Membership terms won’t always prevent you from retaining membership, however. Some clubs allow both spouses to keep their memberships. Other times, the club may honor the terms of a separation agreement and only allow one spouse to retain the membership. It’s important to look at the membership terms carefully to see what they say.

Consider How Much Value the Membership Has for You

Once you’ve looked over the membership terms, you’ll likely need to consider another important point: the memberships’ value to you.

Private club and golf memberships have a certain amount of tangible value based on the amount of money you put into them — for example, how much you paid in initiation fees. However, the memberships also have irreplaceable intangible value.

For example, say you’ve built a lot of strong friendships in your club. Losing the membership means you might not be able to see those friends again — or at least, you might not be able to interact with them in the same way. Keeping the memberships might be incredibly important to you.

If you want to ensure you retain your memberships, you’ll want to let your divorce attorney know just how important they are. In addition, you’ll need to consider what you’re willing to give up to keep them. On the other hand, if your former spouse cares deeply about keeping the memberships, you may be able to use them as a bargaining chip to request assets that are more important to you.

Contact a Qualified Family Law Attorney in Virginia

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