More on Collaborative Divorce in Northern Virginia

Getting a Divorce in Northern Virginia Without Going to Court

Often, our Northern Virginia divorce clients want to know how to keep their divorce “amicable” and get it finalized without having to litigate in court. If this sounds like you, you may want to consider participating in a collaborative divorce with your spouse. An experienced Northern Virginia collaborative divorce attorney can help you resolve your issues of child custody, support, alimony, and property division in the most painless way possible.

Is the Collaborative Divorce Process More Expensive?

While getting a collaborative divorce is not a shortcut for getting a cheap divorce, it has potential to save you a considerable amount of money compared to resolving the issue with traditional litigation. Additionally, the expense of a collaborative process is a worthwhile investment in a more harmonious future for yourself, your spouse, and your children than litigation. While you still have costs associated with family law lawyers and other professionals, you save money by avoiding the high expense of trial and court fees.

In addition, a litigated divorce in Northern Virginia takes more time to finalize and is subject to the court’s busy schedule. Choosing a collaborative divorce means you have control over your own timetable (similar to mediation and traditional negotiation) for a divorce – the sooner you and your spouse reach a settlement, the quicker the process ends. And because both parties agree to the collaborative process, they are more likely to come to an agreement. More importantly, you will save yourself the hassle, hostility, and stress that accompany a highly litigated Northern Virginia divorce.

Is the Collaborative Divorce Process Right For Me?

The most important difference in a collaborative divorce is that the attorneys are not in an adversarial role against each other. This is a stark contrast to traditional divorce litigation. Instead, they work together to help you and your spouse not only keep the peace but to get the most favorable outcome for both parties and their children. However, this cannot be accomplished if you and your spouse are not committed to working with each other. This means that both parties must be open, fair, and reasonable. An experienced collaborative divorce attorney can help you manage the conflict that accompanies a divorce while achieving a result that is the best possible outcome for both parties.

The Advantage of the Collaborative Divorce Process in Northern Virginia Family Law Cases

The largest advantage a collaborative process affords is that it minimizes the toll a litigated divorce can have on all the parties involved, including the parties’ children. While it does not eliminate the hardship of a divorce, a collaborative divorce allows you and your spouse to work as partners, rather than against each other, to end the marriage and avoid unnecessary collateral damage.

A collaborative divorce is not meant for every divorcing couple in Northern Virginia. But if you and your spouse wish to work through your divorce as to minimize the hostility as well as the emotional and financial impact a divorce can have, an experienced collaborative divorce attorney at DiPietro Family Law Group can assist you.

If you and your spouse are a good match for the collaborative divorce process, please also see our blog post on the process of a collaborative divorce.

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