Misconceptions About Divorce

At DiPietro Law Group, we see a variety of divorce situations and specific circumstances. We come across many clients who have questions about the process of divorce as well as apprehension about what they have heard or read online. In this article by HuffPost Divorce, many of the presumptions made before diving headfirst into a divorce are revealed.

woman upset with man looking at her in the background

One of the preconceived notions included in this article is, “That all it takes is a good lawyer, a decent amount of money, a couple of signatures and a name change to get back to ‘normal.’” At DiPietro Family Law Group, we can ensure you that your divorce case is more complex than this. Although many divorce situations are similar, all divorces have different elements that make it unique from any other case. Have you thought about all the factors that make your divorce different from others? A collaborative divorce could possibly work better with your situation and offer a solution without litigation. Do you have a high net worth, but are not sure of how to approach the divorce process? Also, in Northern Virginia, we often see members of our military needing help in divorce, separation or any family law issue, and there are special considerations that come into play.

There are many misconceptions about divorce that might be causing you to avoid a better future for yourself. At DiPietro Law Group, we can help you understand some of these preconceived notions highlighted by HuffPost Divorce. We are exclusively dedicated to taking care of even the most complex family law issues. Contact us today, and learn what to expect in your unique divorce case.

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