Virginia Divorce Attorneys Examine Jane Lynch's Separation

The legal landscape of same sex marriage has shifted dramatically over the past few months, and Virginia divorce attorneys throughout the state are studying and sharing notes. What might the future hold, both for same sex marriage and for same sex divorce?

To make sense of this discussion, let’s take a look at the high profile split between actress, Jane Lynch (Glee), and her wife of four years, Dr. Lara Embry. According to AP reports, Judge Ralph Hofer of Los Angeles Superior Court just finalized their divorce. Dr. Embry will receive half of Lynch’s royalties from her projects, such as her role on the television show Glee.

The 54-year-old Lynch, who broke out after starring in several Christopher Guest movies, hosted “Hollywood Game Night” and starred as the take-no-prisoner gym teacher, Sue Sylvester, on Fox’s hit show Glee. She and Embry married in 2010, but the actress filed for divorce three years later based on irreconcilable differences. Per California’s divorce laws, divorcing couples generally split their marital assets 50/50. According to reports, Dr. Embry will receive $1.2 million in a lump sum over the next few years as well as half of the money in the couple’s bank and trust accounts and 401K. In addition, Dr. Embry will get the couple’s membership to the LA Yacht Club as well as their dog, Francis.

Certain types of assets — such as a membership to a country club or a beloved pet — obviously cannot be split “in half,” but Virginia divorce laws say that distribution of such assets must be “equitable,” which does not necessarily mean “equal.”

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