Randy Jackson, Erstwhile American Idol Judge, to Divorce Wife of 19 Years

You probably never thought you would never have to find an Fairfax divorce lawyer to end your marriage and resolve financial and legal problems created by the split.

But the truth is sobering: predicting who will get divorced, when, and under what circumstances is dicey business. Even researchers armed with reams of data struggle with this question. Sometimes, marriages break up “out of blue.” Nobody — not even family members or friends — could have seen it coming.

Perhaps erstwhile American Idol judge, Randy Jackson, felt similarly blindsided when his wife of 19 years, Erika, filed for divorce in Los Angeles last Friday. Erika Jackson (nee Riker) reverted to her maiden name, and she wants spousal support as well as physical custody of their two teenage children.

Randy Jackson, who made his bones in the music industry as a producer and bassist, won a spot as a judge on the phenomenally successful reality TV show, American Idol, and spent 12 seasons working with celebrities like Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul evaluating America’s singing talent. He became known for his catch phrases, such as “Dawg, that was hot!” as well as his spicy banter with his fellow judges.

Obviously, tabloid reports can’t offer much insight, beyond the extremely superficial, into why celebrity marriages break up. However, Jackson’s case show that couples can divorce even when:

  • The couple has plenty of money and assets;
  • The couple has been together harmoniously for many years;
  • The couple has children.

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