Dating After Divorce: 6 Resources to Help You Protect Your Kids, Your Case and Your Heart

Dating after a divorce is an important part of the healing process that allows you to move forward in your life. But when the other spouse learns of your new beau, sometimes things can get a little complicated. If you want to continue to move on with your life without jeopardizing your case, your custody arrangement, and/or your own heart, make sure to turn to these seven valuable resources.

  1. Couples counselor

If you really want to try to avoid the same mistake twice, visit a couples counselor regularly for advice about starting out on the right foot and general assistance coping with the trauma of a divorce.

  1. Your lawyer

Throughout the litigation process, you’ll come across questions best-answered by a legal professional. If your dating life is causing conflict in the case, ask your lawyer directly for advice. It is almost advisable not to date prior to your divorce being finalized.

  1. Books from the experts

If you don’t have the time or money to regularly visit a counselor, you can take some advice from the experts by reading what they have to say. has a helpful selection of articles, books, and other reading materials that recently divorced individuals can consider to effectively handle conflicts they are currently facing.

  1. Divorce recovery support groups

Social support is crucial after a divorce, especially if you live far away from your usual support system or would just rather surround yourself with those who understand firsthand what you’re going through. Divorce recovery support groups offer solidarity and support, while also being moderated by experts in divorce recovery.

  1. Personal trainer

Maintaining healthy habits while recovering and dating after divorce isn’t easy. Sometimes you need a little extra guidance, motivation, and education to do this effectively. Hiring a personal trainer during this time can provide you with another resource for questions regarding your health, and it can help you boost your confidence for the dating world.

  1. Your children

Although divorce is an adult subject that may not always be appropriate to discuss with children, keep communication open and carefully consider the concerns of your children at this time as well. You don’t necessarily have to keep your dating life a secret, but avoid introducing your children to new partners too soon, and skillfully determine the right approach.

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