6 Unnerving Behaviors to Expect from Your Spouse When You Announce You're Getting a Divorce - and How to Handle Them

Formerly stable spouses can exhibit strange behaviors when they learn that divorce may be in their future. These behaviors may be motivated by stress, anger, or financial concerns. The more you are aware of these potential problems, the better you can prepare yourself for potential emotional or financial issues.

  1. Infidelity

Whether intended as revenge or merely a means of blowing off steam, many couples pursue one-night stands or full-on affairs during the divorce process. Prior to the divorce being finalized, this can be deemed infidelity — and it can be cause for an at-fault divorce.

  1. Big Purchases

In many cases, large purchases made while divorcing can be considered marital property. Thus, while it can be tempting to splurge, it is better to hold off until the divorce has been finalized.

  1. Vacations

In the midst of divorce-related stress, it’s only natural for separating spouses to want a break. It is possible to book a vacation while going through a divorce, but often not advisable, especially if travel plans are not consistent with the vacationing spouse’s typical lifestyle.

  1. Freaking Out On Social Media

There’s a tendency for spouses to keep quiet about negative relationship news on Facebook, but some prefer to share their grievances with their friends and followers. If your ex says anything malicious online, do not respond — anything you say can be used against you.

  1. Getting Kids and In-Laws Involved

Some spouses do not know how (or do not desire to) keep their marital issues within their marriage. These individuals may tell their loved ones all of the dirty details from their divorce, or worse, try to get their kids involved. It is not uncommon for children of divorced couples to feel caught in the middle, especially while the divorce plays out in court.

  1. Sudden Change of Jobs

Divorcing spouses often feel that, because one area of their life is changing so much, they must also change other things. Thus, formerly ambitious individuals may suddenly drop their high-paying jobs, or those who were less ambitious may seek promotion. There’s not much you can do if your spouse changes career paths, but the shift could potentially have an impact on alimony or child support.

No matter how your spouse behaves after learning of your decision to pursue divorce, seek legal protection from a trusted attorney in Washington, D.C.

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