Blindsided! Your Husband Just Announced He Wants a Divorce

Until recently, you felt confident about your marriage and your future with your husband. Suddenly, all that has been called into question—your husband wants to divorce. Brace yourself: this adjustment period will be difficult. By taking action, however, you can take back some control over the situation. Add these seven tasks to your to-do list:

Consult a Qualified Family Law Attorney
Call an experienced family lawyer to get insight into your rights and appropriate next steps. A trusted legal representative can minimize drama, help you find creative solutions and ensure a fair outcome.

Examine the Petition
Look for proposals and requests regarding child custody, alimony, property division and other issues. Review the document again alongside your attorney and ask plenty of questions to ensure you understand all information contained therein.

Cry on a Friend’s Shoulder
You once relied on your spouse for emotional support, but now, you’ll need to turn to friends or family members. If you’re not ready to share the bad news with the world, confide in a handful of loved ones—ideally people who will listen empathetically and respect your needs for privacy and support.

Copy Documents
Once you’ve cried it out, it’s time to get to work. Make copies of all applicable documents, including tax returns, life insurance policies, retirement account statements and credit card statements. The more information you gather, the better.

Draw Up a New Budget
Making ends meet is tough enough with a spouse, but divorce adds new financial pressures. Draft an updated budget based on your evolving housing and custody situation. Find ways to cut back in this time of financial uncertainty.

File Your Response
You generally have some time to determine your official reaction to the divorce petition, but if you’re good and ready, begin preparing your response now. Do not respond if you have yet to consult with an attorney you trust.

Do Something Nice For Yourself
When caught up in the whirlwind of an impending separation, it’s easy to neglect your health and well-being. Set aside at least one evening just for yourself. Use the extra time to catch up on sleep, binge watch your favorite show on Netflix or hit the town with your best friends.

The moment you receive divorce papers, call DiPietro Family Law Group. You’ll be glad to have a trusted Washington, D.C. family law firm on your side.

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