Remarrying Someone You've Previously Divorced: Important Legal Considerations

Following some much-needed time apart, you’ve realized that your ex-spouse really is the one for you. You’ve settled your differences and made a practical plan for a happier future together. Now, the final step is to tie the knot, again. As you plan for a second — and much better — wedding, you’ll want to keep the following legal considerations in mind.

Prenuptial Agreements

You married once before and that didn’t work out. It’s natural to view this second marriage with optimism now that you’re older and wiser, but part of being wiser involves planning for the worst possible situation. Acknowledge the possibility that you’ll once again fall prey to the differences that led to your initial divorce. This is not necessarily a reason to avoid marriage altogether, but it may be prudent to complete a thorough prenuptial agreement, particularly as your assets may be considerably different than they were when you first married. A good prenuptial agreement can protect your financial interests, while also ensuring a much easier divorce process, should that prove necessary.

Child Support and Alimony

If you and your ex get back together, you can mutually decide to put an end to alimony and child support. Keep in mind that the date of reconciliation is not when support payments end, but rather, when the request for modification is approved. If you receive alimony from a different ex-spouse, that agreement could be terminated if you get married to your first ex-spouse. Automatic termination does not occur in Washington, D.C., but your former spouse can request termination of alimony — and this request is typically granted.

If you and your ex-spouse have managed to iron out your differences and are now ready to tie the knot a second time, congratulations! Before you return to wedded bliss, think carefully about the legal complexities as you resume life as a couple. The better you plan now, the easier you’ll find it to maintain the harmony you lacked the first time you were married.

Remarriage can be incredibly complicated in Washington, D.C., especially if your spouse of choice happens to be your ex. Settle the legal complications of remarriage with assistance from DiPietro Family Law.

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