Virginia Divorce Attorney for Men


If you’re a man who’s divorcing his spouse in Virginia, you’re likely feeling anxious and fearful of the future. You may have heard horror stories of women taking everything from the man in their divorce cases. Maybe you worry you’ll lose your children and everything you worked so hard to achieve.

However, with the help of a divorce attorney for men, it doesn’t have to be that way.

You Have Rights as a Man Divorcing in Virginia

During the divorce process, your spouse may make various outrageous requests and demands. Your soon-to-be ex might try to force you out of the home, for instance. They might even lie and say they’re afraid of you, so the court will make you leave.

Your spouse might try to run off with the children or threaten to destroy your business. Such actions can be terrifying because it feels like you have no power or control.

But you should know that Virginia divorce law gives you rights and protections against situations like these. Your spouse cannot demand that you pay for all their expenses, and they can’t force you out of the marital home. If your spouse tries these tricks, call a divorce attorney for men right away.

How DiPietro Law Group Advocates for You

At DiPietro Law Group, we have years of experience working with men in Virginia divorce proceedings. We believe that both parties in a divorce have the same rights, regardless of gender. Our attorneys fight aggressively for a fair outcome that benefits you as much as possible.

What to Expect During the Virginia Divorce Process

It helps to know what to expect during a Virginia divorce proceeding so you come to the table well-prepared. Here are the basic steps:

  • Divorce petition: The first step in the process is for one spouse to file for a petition of divorce from the court.
  • Temporary motions: One spouse might file temporary motions to address issues before the finalization of the divorce.
  • Discovery: In this step, your attorney will collect favorable information about you that can affect the outcome of your case.
  • Settlement: You may want to reach a settlement agreement before the divorce can go to trial. The settlement can include agreements on child custody, child support, and spousal support. However, take care not to make agreements without your attorney’s advice, as such arrangements might not be as favorable as you initially thought.
  • Trial: If you and your spouse can’t reach a settlement, your divorce will proceed to a trial. Trials can be costly and often drag on for months, though, so it’s better to avoid one if you can.

We Help Men Protect Themselves in Virginia Divorces

If your spouse is threatening to take away your kids or drain your bank account, you need the help of an experienced divorce attorney for men who can shield you from these underhanded tricks. You can’t risk losing everything that matters to a spouse who wants to fight dirty in your divorce.

Reach out to the DiPietro Law Group at (888) 530-4374 to learn how we can support you and advocate for your rights in a Virginia divorce.

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