Dating After 40 And After Getting Divorced: Six Rules For 2017

Dating in 2017 will be nothing like dating in 1997 or even 2012. Although couples still occasionally meet through mutual friends or at the bar, online and smartphone-based interactions are increasingly the norm. If you intend to get back into the dating scene, you’ll want to follow these six essential rules:

  1. Do Not Write Off Online Dating

Gen Xers and Baby Boomers still tend to think of online dating as weird, but as Millennials have discovered (and others are starting to learn) it is by far the easiest way to meet people these days. From Tinder to Match, there are sites and apps for every personality type. Give it a try before you return to the tried and tested methods from several decades ago.

  1. Get a Friend to Look Over Your Profile

You’ve decided to take the plunge, but if you’re an online dating newbie, you have no idea what works well and what looks downright creepy to other users. Avoid shirtless selfies and photos taken from above (the MySpace angle) at all costs, and have a friend check out the end product to determine whether it showcases you in your best light.

  1. Be Honest About Your Divorce

The people you date will be curious about your relationship history. Divorce is surprisingly common among those over a certain age, so there is no need for shame. Address the situation honestly and without playing the blame game.

  1. Be Honest About Your Kids

In your 20s, people may have been reluctant to date single moms or single dads, but after 40, that becomes the norm in the dating world. Let your dates know about your kids and that they are your priority, but also assure potential significant others that there is room in your life for love.

  1. Take it Slow

Divorce is tough, and while it can be exciting to know that others find you appealing, dating can bring up all kinds of unexpected emotions. If you don’t think you’re ready to face those, take it slow.

  1. Be Careful on Social Media

Social media is a confusing place to be when in a new relationship. It’s best to keep your current status quiet until you feel confident in your relationship. If you and your ex have mutual friends on Facebook (especially former in-laws), avoid flaunting your new relationship or in any way comparing your ex to your new significant other.

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