How To Make Clear, Action-Oriented Requests From Your Divorce Attorney, Friends, Family And Ex-Spouse

Are you struggling to get people in your life to work with you or abide by your requests? Does it feel like people walk all over you? The problem may not be with them, but rather, with the way you make important requests. If you have a tendency to be passive, you’ll always struggle to get others to play ball. It is up to you to approach others in an assertive manner and make polite, but action-oriented requests that underscore the importance of the situation. If you struggle to escape your natural passivity, you’ll find these tips helpful:

Use Email If You Struggle In Person

For some people, being assertive in person is all but impossible — but doing so online is a cinch. If you fear that your proactive self will wither during an in-person encounter, take some time to outline your request and send it in email form. Be prepared, however, to follow up over the phone or in person, as some people are inclined to ignore email requests.

Highlight the Details

Vague requests are easy to deny or ignore. Give specifics about what you want accomplished, how you want the task completed, and what the results should look like. The more the request’s recipient knows, the better your chances of securing a desired resolution.

Include a Timeline

If you don’t provide some sort of deadline or timeframe for the recipient of your request, the results you desire will not be delivered in a timely manner. The more urgent the matter, the stricter the timeline should be.

Ask For a Correction of Previous Mistakes

If your request involves fixing a mistake, you should let the recipient know exactly how he or she messed up — but without coming across as accusatory. Explain why the previous results were unacceptable, and offer an alternative solution that will remedy the problem. Let the recipient know that you appreciate his or her efforts, especially in regards to fixing the mistake you’ve mentioned.

Be Polite

There is a definite difference between a demand and an action-oriented request. A demand is blunt, and can often times be considered rude. An action-oriented request is polite, but assertive. Make use of magic words such as “please” and “thank you.”

At DiPietro Family Law, we respect your time and your wishes. You are always encouraged to make action-oriented requests — your Maryland divorce attorney will come through for you.

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