7 Online Resources to Help You Be a Smarter, Safer Co-Parent

Co-parenting is tough even if you are on good terms with your ex-spouse. Thankfully, there are an abundance of resources available to guide you through this difficult journey. The following are especially worth checking out:

  1. Our Family Wizard

Ex-spouses with differing schedules find it exceedingly difficult to coordinate. That’s where Our Family Wizard comes in. The online service offers a range of scheduling and tracking tools designed to make co-parenting easier, both in terms of expenses and time commitment.

  1. Two Happy Homes

Similar in many respects to Our Family Wizard, Two Happy Homes offers easier coordination for ex-spouses with children. Parents can easily keep track of their schedules and finances, while also enjoying access to an array of valuable co-parenting tips.

  1. Divorce Subreddit

Reddit is a great place to commiserate with fellow divorced parents. The Divorce Subreddit is targeted at divorcees in general, but offers some excellent advice for parents.

  1. CoParenting International

Based in Nashville, CoParenting International offers a variety of valuable services to coparents living all around the world. These include one-on-one counseling, regular workshops and events, and a variety of informational products.

  1. Talking Parents

Parents who struggle to communicate while married may find it that much more difficult after divorce. Talking Parents promotes safe and healthy communication away from the phone, complete with full records of all conversations. This is a preferred option for parents in high-conflict situations.

  1. My Turn Your Turn

My Turn Your Turn offers not only easy scheduling and expense tracking, but also a valuable journaling system that allows parents to record important notes and memories. Parents in need of advice can turn to the My Turn Your Turn community for feedback.

  1. BothParents

BothParents allows parents to share an email address, which can be given to teachers and coaches. Received emails are then forwarded to separate parent addresses. Other tools include contact information storage and a shared calendar.

The online resources outlined above will give you a great start, but if you desire in-depth assistance with the legal aspects of co-parenting in Maryland, a consultation with DiPietro Family Law may be your best bet.

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