Pregnant and Divorced in Maryland: What Now?

Divorce in Maryland is complicated enough as is, but if you are pregnant at the time of divorce or shortly thereafter, you may experience unique complications regarding custody, visitation, and child support. For the sake of your child and your own mental health, it is imperative that you seek support from a compassionate attorney willing to advocate loyally on your behalf.

Filing For Divorce

Many pregnant women assume that they are not even eligible to file for divorce until they give birth. This is not true — you are allowed to file for divorce, regardless of whether or not you are currently pregnant. Keep in mind, however, that certain aspects of the divorce may prove more complicated, and that the process may take longer — especially if there are paternity issues at play. It is also important to determine whether you are eligible for limited or absolute divorce.

Paternity Suits

Divorces that take place during or in the immediate aftermath of pregnancy are complicated as is, but paternity issues make matters that much more confusing. In general, the ex-husband is presumed the father of the child — in some cases even when DNA testing indicates otherwise. However, evidence indicating paternity outside of the marriage may be used if the court determines that the child would not benefit from the presumption of paternity.

Child Support

If the ex is presumed the parent of the mother’s child, his child support stipulations may include paying some or all of the ensuing medical expenses, including hospitalization and neonatal care. After the child is born, the presumed father may be required to provide him or her with health insurance coverage.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

Ironing out the legal logistics of divorce is never fun, but it’s that much more frustrating when you’re preparing for the birth of your child. Likewise, it can be a struggle to uphold divorce resolutions if your primary concern is your upcoming delivery. During this difficult time, pay extra attention to your mental health and general wellbeing — and do not hesitate to lean on loved ones or seek therapy.

The time of your divorce may not seem ideal if you are currently expecting a child, but paternity, child support, and other issues can be favorably resolved with the help of the right Maryland attorney. Contact DiPietro Family Law to learn more.

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