Getting Divorced In Your Early 20s: Unique Challenges and Opportunities

It’s no secret that early marriage is risky; a famous University of Utah study found that couples who married at age 25 were fifty percent less likely to divorce than those who married at age 20. But as a twentysomething divorcee, you know all that — and you regard yourself as more than a statistic.

Challenges of Early Divorce

Public Perception

Fair or not, you could face significant disapproval from loved ones and strangers alike. Expect plenty of “I told you so” from those who warned you of the perils of early marriage. Determine now how you intend to respond to the inevitable negative feedback.


As an early twentysomething, your finances may not be as complicated as those of an older divorcee. Few people in their 20s possess extensive real estate or stock portfolios. The downside, however, is a complete lack of funding for the legal process and for setting out on your own. Think carefully about the financial implications of your divorce and, if possible, make plans to live with family or a roommate for the first few months to ease the strain.

Opportunities Brought About By Early Divorce

Embracing Independence

If you married in your teens or early 20s, you may have never lived on your own. Now, you are free to make your own decisions and live as you see fit. You’ll appreciate this newfound independence far more than your peers, and as a result, you’ll actually take advantage of the freedoms you enjoy as an unattached twentysomething.

Maturity for Future Relationships

In an age of later marriages, many people enter their late 20s or mid 30s with minimal relationship experience. These individuals may be behind the curve, but you’ll (hopefully) enjoy exceptional emotional maturity, having dealt with the strain of divorce and learned valuable relationship lessons therein. You now have a better idea of what to look for in a partner and how to make your relationship work.

Raising Kids in a Happy Family

If you have young children, the burden of divorce may be easier for them to bear. If you don’t, you now have the opportunity to find a partner who will make a great parent. Either way, your kids are more likely to grow up in a happy family, free of marital strain.

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