Selling Your House After Divorce: Do's And Don'ts

You and your soon-to-be ex prefer to sell your home and pursue a fresh start. Making this decision is the easy part; now you need to deal with the usual complications of selling real estate, all while under the strain of divorce. Keep the process as simple and stress-free as possible by following these basic do’s and don’ts:

Do: Work With a Trusted Realtor

Under absolutely no circumstances should you and your spouse attempt to sell your house without the assistance of a realtor or real estate lawyer. Sales by owner are complicated in the best of times — and they’re a nightmare in the midst of divorce. The small fee you pay for a qualified realtor is well worth the money.

Don’t: Choose a Realtor With Close Ties to Either Spouse

As a married couple, you may have hired a friend or family member as your realtor. Divorcing spouses, however, require a neutral third party to communicate openly and honestly with both spouses, as well as their lawyers or mediators.

Don’t: Get Caught Up In Emotions

Your house holds a myriad of memories, good and bad. Unfortunately, the emotions attached to those memories can cloud your thinking during this sensitive time. Remember, your home’s sale is purely a financial matter; memories of happier times bear little on the true valuation of the property.

Do: Stage to Create the Illusion of a Happy Family

As you stage showings for prospective buyers, your home should not scream divorcing couple. Buyers will assume that you are desperate to sell — and they’ll be more inclined to present lowball offers. Obvious signs of a pending divorce include half-empty bedroom closets and homes clearly split down the middle, War of the Roses style. Continue living separately if necessary, but arrange your belongings to reflect buyers’ expectations.

Don’t: Fall Behind on Mortgage Payments

In the confusion of divorce, spouses often fail to take care or their bills, including mortgage payments. A single missed or late payment can have a devastating impact on your credit, so keep up with your mortgage as you await the sale of your marital home.

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