5 Must-Listen-To Podcasts About Life as a Newly Single Parent

Life as a single parent can be a terrifying, but ultimately fulfilling journey. You may currently feel alone and overwhelmed, but in this age of internet and mobile connectivity, you enjoy access to a huge community of fellow single parents. When you listen to podcasts specifically designed for single parents, you’ll find valuable advice about parenting on your own. You’ll also gain a powerful sense of community. Be sure to add these programs to your queue:

  1. Solo Parent Life

Every week, engaging host Robbin Rockett brings a new guest to Solo Parent Life in hopes of exploring the often forgotten aspects of single parenthood. Topics include co-parenting, organization, collaborative divorce, and online dating.

  1. Pea in the Podcast: Advice, Information and Support For Single Moms

If you’re currently pregnant, you can’t afford not to listen to Pea in the Podcast. While most episodes apply to both single moms and those in relationships, this particular segment is targeted at moms going it alone. You’ll receive valuable insights on pregnancy and single motherhood from Dr. Leah Klungness, single mother by choice Mikki Morrissette, and financial expert Liz Pulliam Weston.

  1. The Life of a Single Mom

An intriguing podcast series for single parents and their loved ones, The Life of a Single Mom tackles such essential topics as insecurity, dating, and abundant living. The faith-based podcast also touches extensively on single mom ministry.

  1. Single Mom Nation

This weekly show will have you chuckling, crying, and everything in between. Designed as a girlfriend-to-girlfriend experience, Single Mom Nation covers everything from personal style to co-parenting. You’ll enjoy the engaging style and the camaraderie of the host and guests.

  1. Spawned

If you need a little escapism, try Spawned. Although not specifically targeted at single parents, this podcast addresses several issues and situations applicable to all parents, regardless of marital status. Funny and lighthearted, it’s a great podcast to play during your morning commute.

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