Critical Questions About Divorce That Have No Easy Answers

Expect to ask and answer a myriad of questions as you navigate the divorce process alongside your attorney. Some (such as deadlines) involve simple answers, while others are unfortunately far more complicated. If you ask one of the following questions, be prepared for a lengthy answer:

Will I Benefit Most From Mediation, Collaboration, or Litigation?

Different approaches prove beneficial in different situations. Ultimately, no one method works for all spouses, and there is no formula to determine which is best for your divorce. You’ll have to look closely at your budget, your timeline, and your ability to work cooperatively with your ex.

How Long Will the Divorce Take?

Divorce would be so much easier if it involved a clear timeline. Unfortunately, seemingly simple negotiations can extend months, even years. Other spouses, despite expecting the process to take ages, resolve their differences promptly and move on with their lives. There’s no perfect answer to this question; your attorney’s estimate will depend on whether you pursue mediation or litigation.

What Type of Representation Should I Obtain?

Working with a lawyer is a no-brainer. Choosing the right attorney, however, is more difficult. In general, it’s useful to work with a firm that has lots of experience with family law cases, not only because the lawyers’ systems will be teed up specifically to handle your questions/challenges but also because the attorneys should be able to handle unusual/surprising aspects of your case without missing a beat. Another important factor? Law firm size. Some clients prefer solo practitioners or small boutique firms, while others desire larger firms with more extensive resources.

How Will Divorce Impact My Taxes?

Property division and alimony are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the financial side of divorce. Dissolution could also transform tax season. Factors to consider include changes to your tax filing status, property acquisition and alimony payments. Although there’s no easy answer to this question, your attorney should at least give you an idea of what you can expect based on your current situation and stated priorities.

Am I Ready For Divorce?

The mother of all divorce questions, this query cuts to the heart of the matter. Your lawyer can provide feedback, but only you can answer it. Few logical explanations can convince you that you’re ready for divorce; in most cases, it’s a gut feeling. You can, however, get your affairs in order; once you proceed with the dissolution process, you’ll feel more prepared and confident.

As you ready yourself for divorce, work with a skilled Maryland attorney who will patiently answer your most pressing questions. Look to DiPietro Family Law Group for compassionate and accurate feedback.

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