Great Questions Clients Should Ask a Virginia Family Law Attorney

From divorce to adoption, your family law attorney guides you through several of life’s most emotional moments. Choose the wrong representative, and you may sacrifice your relationships, your health and your long-term happiness. Vetting is essential, but the standard questions may not be good enough. Treat the search for an attorney like employee recruitment: ask detailed questions that cut to the heart of your prospective lawyer’s practice.

What Is Your Firm’s Mission For the Community?

The ideal lawyer demonstrates passion for his or her community. Outside research can help you determine your lawyer’s local commitment; does the law firm engage in philanthropic efforts? Is your lawyer involved in humanitarian or volunteer causes? Does your lawyer participate in local bar associations? Confirm your findings in person and probe further to determine how your attorney intends to impact your community.

Which Past Cases Were the Most Challenging? How and Why Did You Handle Them?

Skilled attorneys don’t merely settle for easy cases; they happily take on challenging family matters, relishing in the opportunity to guide local families through legal quagmires. Ask your attorney to describe hard-fought victories, and the preparation they provided for these unique cases.

What Is Your Firm’s Greatest Weakness?

A telling—and dreaded—interview query, this question gives you a better sense of your attorney’s true abilities. More importantly, it will help you determine whether your lawyer will level with you honestly when the going gets tough. Think carefully after the consultation about whether you can handle mentioned weaknesses. And remember, every attorney has at least one. Don’t let a potential representative sidestep this essential question.

Which Successes Make You Proudest?

Follow up that tricky weakness question with an opportunity for your attorney to boast about his or her accomplishments. Note the tone of the answer. Is your prospective attorney truly proud and passionate about past cases? Or merely satisfied to list off a resume, free of feeling? You want somebody who actually cares, and this is how you find out.

Why Should I Choose You?

Sometimes, the simplest questions are the most telling. Don’t be afraid to be blunt. If your attorney can’t sell you here and now, how can you expect this person to persuade the powers that be in court?

No matter your question, you can count on the team at DiPietro Law Group for a prompt, helpful and accurate answer. Reach out today to learn more about our family law services in Virginia.

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