Litigating Your Divorce-How To Minimize the Time, Cost, Stress and Drama

Stereotypical TV and movie divorces occur in the courtroom, where spouses passionately shout at one another. Mediation proves more popular in real life, but it’s not a realistic option for all spouses. Thankfully, if you require litigation, you’re not doomed to an expensive and stressful ordeal. The following strategies will help you avoid the worst aspects of courtroom divorce:

Pursue an Amicable, Uncontested Divorce

The better you and your spouse get along, the fewer billable hours you’ll accumulate during negotiations. The two of you can acknowledge the need for litigation, while still agreeing to work together to the greatest extent possible. If applicable to your situation, commit to a no-fault, uncontested divorce.

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Don’t Engage Outside of the Courtroom

If former spouses could simply limit themselves to communicating in the presence of legal representatives, they’d eliminate much of the drama of divorce. Instead, many continually contact their ex in private, sending nasty emails and text messages, or engaging in shouting matches over the phone. In doing so, they instantly eliminate the progress they’ve so painstakingly achieved in court.

Determine Your Priorities

Kiss your dream of a perfect outcome goodbye; the more you insist on getting your way for every matter, the more time you’ll spend in court—and the more you’ll pay in the long run. Select a few chief priorities, along with some lesser matters that remain important. Prioritizing plays a particularly important role in property division, although it can also aid your custody and visitation efforts.

Mediate Select Aspects of Your Divorce

Perhaps you and your ex agree on visitation arrangements or other some specific element of your divorce. Rather than save this matter for court, take care of it promptly through mediation or collaboration. As you negotiate with a mediator’s help, you may discover you have more common ground than previously assumed. If desired, you can hold off on more contentious matters until you reach the courtroom.

Litigation need not mean drama. If you control your temper and choose your priorities wisely, you and your spouse can settle your differences in a cost-effective and relatively stress-free manner.

Whether you prefer mediation, collaboration or litigation, you can depend on DiPietro Family Law Group for support every step of the way.

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