Your Child Wants a Divorce-How to Be Supportive and What You Should Definitely Avoid Doing

Whether you adore your in-laws or regard your child’s marriage as a mistake, news of his or her impending divorce still makes you sad. During this difficult time, you can provide valuable support, ensuring the smoothest possible transition. The following tips will help you ease your child’s burden:

Don’t Search For Or Cast Blame
Whether you support your child’s marriage or dislike your in-laws, it’s imperative that you keep all opinions to yourself at this difficult time. There’s no better way to cause further distress than to claim, “I told you so.”

Blaming yourself is just as fruitless as blaming others for your child’s divorce. In-laws sometimes contribute to marital problems, but they’re never solely responsible. No matter how you got on with your son or daughter-in-law, you do not deserve blame for the couple’s current predicament.

Offer Childcare Assistance
Between attorney consultations and mediation sessions, your child may stress about the constant need for nannies and babysitters. Eliminate the problem by enthusiastically offering to care for your grandchildren as their parents deal with legal necessities. You can provide the stability that’s likely lacking from your grandkids’ lives at this time.

Only offer advice if asked. Otherwise, temper your impulse to direct your child’s divorce, and instead, listen to his or her concerns. Sometimes, divorcees just need a shoulder to cry on. Even a quick phone call can help; few sources of support outrank mom or dad.

Arrange Family Night
Respect your child’s desire to be alone, but also offer to arrange special events if desired. Family outings take your child’s mind off the hassle of divorce, while offering a valuable reminder of his or her strong support system. Something as simple as popcorn and a movie could make a huge difference.

Don’t Butt in on Mediation or Courtroom Appearances
Unless asked, butt out of all legal proceedings. You can suggest a favorite attorney, but your interference should end there until your child indicates otherwise.

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