Eye-Opening Statistics About Americans and Divorce in 2017

Modern marriage and divorce looks little like it did just a few decades ago. Today’s couples may be less likely to marry, but they’re also less likely to divorce. Prenups and divorce selfies are increasingly common in this strange new world. Read on to learn more about the role divorce plays in 2017, and how it might change in years to come:

Divorce Less Likely in 2017

Worried Americans love to cite the familiar ‘half of all marriages end in divorce’ line, but if recent statistics are to be believed, most modern marriages survive. In fact, data points to dramatic reductions in the divorce rate over the last several decades.

As of 2017, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported a divorce rate of 3.2 per 1,000 population, based on 45 reporting states (and Washington, D.C.). Data released in late 2016 revealed that the divorce rate sank to a nearly four-decade low.

The exception to the rapidly decreasing divorce rate? Baby Boomers. A recent report from Pew Research highlights a doubling in the divorce rate since the 1990s for Americans over the age of 50.

Divorce and Social Media

It’s impossible to deny social media’s impact on every phase of romantic relationships. It can play an especially devastating role in divorce; a recent survey from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers revealed that 81 percent of divorce lawyers witnessed an increase in divorces involving social media. Furthermore, 66 percent of respondents admitted to finding important divorce evidence on Facebook.

Political Divisions

Political tension has reached an all-time high in romantic relationships. Spouses once willing to overlook their political differences now struggle to come to terms with differing platforms and voting records. Data from Wakefield Research indicates political involvement in one of every ten divorces or separations. Millennials struggle the most, with 22 percent splitting due to political differences. Division along party lines may be nothing new, but the 2016 election definitely played a role in this trend; 35 percent of Millennials know somebody who broke up specifically because of President Trump’s election.

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