What Should You Do If Your Spouse Uses Ashley Madison Or Another Online Service to Cheat?

In 2015, a huge Ashley Madison leak exposed a variety of celebrities and everyday individuals guilty of cheating or trying to cheat. The scandal has not stopped spouses from seeking illicit relationships, however. Take the following steps as soon as you suspect your spouse of creeping on Ashley Madison:

Do Your Research

Before you accuse your spouse of searching for an affair, confirm your suspicions. Begin by searching for the app. Most users are too technologically savvy to leave it right on the home screen, but some provide obvious signs. If your spouse uses an Android, view settings and select “show hidden files.” For an iPhone, you can simply perform a Spotlight Search by touching the screen’s center and swiping down.

If your spouse favors internet browsers, check search history. Few users leave their internet history out in the open, but some slip up on occasion.

If your spouse successfully hides the Ashley Madison app or searches via incognito, keep an eye out for a money trail. You may notice unusually large purchases on iTunes or recurring charges with regularly changing billing IDs.

If you stumble upon any of the evidence outlined above, take screenshots and maintain thorough records. In the event of divorce, this information could be used to secure a more favorable resolution.

Allow Your Spouse to Explain

You may be angry, but your spouse deserves a chance to explain. Not everybody who opens an account on Ashley Madison actually initiates an affair (although merely opening an account warrants anger, of course). Once you’ve heard your partner’s side of the story, you can determine how to proceed.

Your spouse’s response to being confronted may determine whether it’s worth staying together. If your partner belittles you or refuses to listen to your concerns, hope for a successful resolution may be minimal. If, however, your spouse acknowledges wrongdoing and promises to make amends, your marriage might not be over.

Consider Couples Counseling

A skilled marriage counselor can help you work through current anger, while also resolving unaddressed problems that may have contributed to your spouse’s use of Ashley Madison. Even if your partner refuses to attend counseling sessions, you can improve your communication skills by showing up on your own.

If You Choose Divorce

Don’t regard the decision to divorce as a failure. View it as an essential measure for your personal health and wellbeing, and possibly for your children as well. Your carefully maintained records will pave the path to an easier grounds-based divorce.

Whether cheating online or other difficult circumstances play a role in your divorce, you deserve compassionate legal support from a trusted resource such as DiPietro Family Law Group.

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