The B Minus/C Plus Marriage: Should You Stay or Should You Go?

We grade our kids and rate our favorite restaurants on Yelp...why not marriage? Think about the current state of your relationship: Does it make the dean's list? Is it about to flunk out? We tend to ascribe all-or-nothing ratings, but in reality, most of us fall somewhere in the middle.

The trickiest situation: a C+ marriage. It's far from awful, but also far from ideal. You've lost the spark. Perhaps you argue about finances or kids. No blow-out fights, but you're not exactly thrilled. Cs get degrees, but they don't spell marital satisfaction. Read on to determine whether your marriage has A+ potential...or whether it's time to 'enroll' in something new.

The Scope of the Problem

In school, bad grades can sometimes be boosted by simply turning in a late assignment. In marriage, quick fixes are less common. Occasionally, however, a simple solution can turn everything around. For example, the problem could be purely environmental; perhaps you live in a bad neighborhood or need distance from your in-laws. Reflect on your relationship and the cause of your current strife; if you can easily pinpoint the problem and it seems fixable, there may be hope for your marriage. If a myriad of unsolvable issues keep you from achieving full happiness, it might be worth cutting loose.

When Outside Help Is Needed

When children consistently struggle in school, they aren't left to flounder on their own; parents work with their kids to build better study skills. Others seek assistance from tutors. Think of marriage counseling as your tutor. Your counselor can teach you skills for communicating more effectively. Depending on your situation, a few communication tweaks could take your marriage from a C+ to a solid A.

Determining Your Potential

Every bright, but unmotivated child has at one point received the 'has potential but needs to apply him/herself' comment. This dreaded feedback may be relevant in your marriage. Does your partner share your values and outlook on life? What could you accomplish together if you worked through your current roadblocks? Do you even have chemistry? Some relationships have limited potential; these are the easiest to leave when they achieve a mere C+.

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