2019 Edition: Divorce and Marriage by the Numbers

Marriage and divorce today look little like they did in decades past. Today, both the marriage and divorce rates are lower. Many couples favor cohabitation, which is no longer mired in stigma. Keep reading to learn more about the state of divorce and marriage in 2019 — according to the numbers.

Adults Wait Longer to Marry

The divorce rate remains far lower than skeptics assume, but marriage is also less common. While most adults still aspire to marry, financial barriers and other roadblocks stand in the way. In 2017, the median age at first marriage reached an all-time high of 27.4 years for women and 29.5 years for men. Marriage rates have seen the steepest decline among those who ended their education after high school. Rather than marry right away, today's adults favor cohabitation. This trend is markedly notable among older Americans; recent research from Pew indicates that cohabitation among adults over 50 has grown by 75% since 2007. Still, cohabitation accounts for just 4% of relationships in this cohort, compared to 14% of relationships among Americans between 25 and 34 years old.

Flashy Weddings and Divorce

Couples may marry later, but when they finally tie the knot, they make up for lost time. Today's weddings are flashier and more expensive. According to market research firm Wedding Report, the average couple spent $26,000 on their nuptials in 2017. A recent story in The Economist's 1843 points to couples with pricey weddings as more likely to divorce than their budget-oriented peers.

Divorce Likelihood Varies Within Each State

Bad news for residents of Edgewater: the small city is the divorce capital of Maryland. A recent study examined Census statistics in each state to reveal where divorced individuals are most likely to reside. The key takeaway for Maryland residents: Edgewater's divorced population of 16.2% greatly exceeds the 10% average across Maryland.

Divorce and Taxes

Family lawyers predict a considerable spike in divorces in 2019 as couples rush to take advantage of advantageous alimony laws before the recent tax bill takes effect. No solid numbers are available just yet, but if the experts are to be believed, the divorce rate may see a temporary increase this year.

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