How to Get Online Divorce Papers in Virginia

When considering divorce, many people are overwhelmed by the costs—litigation fees, attorney’s fees, and court fees, among others. That’s why online divorce is becoming more popular for those concerned about the cost and ease of the process. But how do you get online divorce papers?

How to Obtain the Correct Documents in Virginia

The first step you need to take when considering online divorce is to check with your state’s court and determine whether or not your state allows e-filing for your divorce. Virginia is a state that allows this, but there may be different requirements for different counties. If you aren’t sure you can file for divorce online in your county, contact your local court clerk’s office.

It’s important to note that online divorce works best with uncontested divorces. That means you and your spouse should agree on issues like child custody, spousal support, and the division of your assets. The simpler and shorter your marriage was, the easier it will be to file for your divorce online.

When deciding to complete a divorce online, you will need to obtain the necessary forms from your local district court’s website. Another faster option is to utilize an online divorce service that automatically provides the correct documents for your unique situation.

Completing the Process in Virginia

Once you’ve filled out your documents, you’ll save your files and make copies for your records.

Next, you’ll file your papers with the court. Before you file your papers, you should always:

  • Ensure all paperwork is filled out correctly and completely, noting social security numbers, names and birthdays of children, and what property you are dividing.
  • Check with your county court to confirm how to submit your paperwork and pay any fees involved.
  • Prepare the divorce agreement that you and your spouse have settled on and ensure any additional forms are included in your original paperwork.
  • Use a professional process server if your spouse must be served with the papers.

Considering Online Divorce Services

Completing the online divorce process may seem complicated when you don’t understand the legal jargon, have concerns about how long it will take, or just have questions about how to correctly fill something out. These are things to consider when thinking about using an online divorce service. When seeking reputable online divorce services, look for one that offers active and friendly customer support to help you through the process.

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