Don't Sprint to Your Final Divorce Decree - Good Agreements Make for Better Holidays

In order for you and your spouse to be officially divorced, you will need to get a final divorce decree from a judge. In an uncontested divorce, before a court issues your decree, you will need to reach an agreement with your spouse which will be filed with the court. This agreement will outline out who gets what property, who will keep what account, and most importantly, who gets the children which days and what time. To ensure this is done properly, you should consult an experienced Northern Virginia divorce attorney.

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Often, couples who are separated are eager to finalize their divorce as soon as possible. However, a couple who is set on the finish line rather than focused on the process often find themselves facing many pitfalls, such as overlooking hidden assets or waiving their rights to property that they are entitled to. More importantly, a rushed divorce can mean that you end up with an agreement that was not fully thought out and customized to you and your family’s needs. Make sure that when you work with your Northern Virginia family law attorney, your agreement is one that you and your spouse can live with and under, leaving little room for battling over confusing terms.

If you have children, you are likely concerned about whether your agreement properly reflects the custodial time you and your spouse have in mind. With the holidays coming up, many divorcing couples will realize how holiday custodial time and visitation was not properly accounted for in their agreement or be at a loss on how to split the time in a manner that makes the holidays fun for everyone rather than a source of stress.

Parents tend to focus on daily custodial and visitation schedules, keen on gaining the extra overnight or evening. Often they overlook the details that tend to make the holidays more stressful, such as who will get the children during their early school dismissal before Thanksgiving.

Taking the time to work with your spouse to reach a complete and detailed agreement will not only save you the stress during the holidays, but also save your children the stress of conflict. An experienced Northern Virginia divorce, custody, and visitation lawyer will be able to properly account for all the necessary details and make sure that your agreement reflects your intent properly.

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