Popular Reality Television Stars Go To Court In Custody Dispute

If you follow the news or reality television, then you may be aware that two stars of the Bravo reality TV show Southern Charm are headed to family law court. Thomas Ravenel, 54, is suing co-star and ex-girlfriend Kathryn Dennis, 24, regarding custody and visitation of the former couple’s two children.

According to media reports, Ravenel and Dennis do not have a court-ordered custody arrangement or parenting plan in place. As a result, Ravenel claims Dennis has not allowed him to visit with his children and he is now trying to obtain a custody order. Dennis, on the other hand, claims that Ravenel has neither contributed to their children’s expenses recently nor visited with them.

Sources reveal that although Ravenel pays Dennis’ rent of $3,100 every month and has made numerous, settlement offers, Dennis has been uncooperative.

The custody issues of these reality TV stars demonstrate the importance of obtaining a court-ordered parenting plan or custody and visitation schedule. While not all custody cases are contentious and dramatic, they can quickly escalate. You want to ensure you are protected.

If you are dealing with a child custody or visitation case, you need the help of a qualified family law attorney who knows the law in your jurisdiction. Whether you are seeking to obtain custody/visitation or to block it, consult with an experienced attorney as early in the process as possible.

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