7 Very Common Reasons Why People Get Divorced

No relationship is perfect; every married couple must deal with significant disagreements, which could involve anything from finances to TV channels. Unfortunately, these conflicts are sometimes insurmountable. The following are a few of the most common causes of divorce:

  1. Financial Concerns

Research indicates that money is a leading cause of stress in relationships, so it only stands to reason that it’s a top culprit in divorce. Spouses may argue over disparities in income or spending. Even if there are no overt arguments over finances, the stress of making ends meet can lead to problems down the road.

  1. Infidelity

Infidelity is the ultimate betrayal of trust, and while some spouses are able to come back stronger than ever, others simply cannot regain the trust necessary for a working relationship.

  1. Disagreements About Parenting

Many couples get on famously before they have children, but the moment a baby arrives, their relationship begins to disintegrate. In other cases, the stress of raising a child can bring greater clarity to issues the couple was already having. Other couples disagree about whether to have children in the first place.

  1. Frustration With In-Laws

A study conducted by Co-operative Legal Services found that in-laws were responsible for one in ten divorces. Issues with in-laws can include everything from nosiness to unwarranted opinions about life choices.

  1. Mismatched Sex Drives

Sexual intimacy should not be discounted in a relationship. A low sex drive will not necessarily spell doom for a marriage, but for the relationship to work, both spouses must have matching sex drives.

  1. Addiction

Addiction is a thorny issue, for while the non-addict in the relationship may desire to help the addicted individual, the side effects of addiction (including secrecy, money problems, and violent behavior) can destroy the other spouse’s health, happiness, and safety.

  1. Poor Conflict Resolution

Even minor disagreements can cause huge relationship problems over time. Spouses who lack conflict resolution skills may find themselves headed for divorce even if they lack the other issues highlighted in this list.

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