Therapies That Actually Work To Manage Stressful Memories From Your Divorce

Post-divorce depression is a huge problem, especially for those with a history of depression. A study published in Clinical Psychological Science found that 60 percent of those with a history of depression experienced depression after divorcing.

Whether or not you have a history of mental health problems, you could be at risk, so it is imperative that you develop and utilize effective stress management strategies. Keep the following strategies in mind as you pursue a happier and healthier post-divorce life.

Yoga and Meditation

Self-care is important for divorcees, who can easily spiral into unhealthy behaviors while trying to cope with all the emotions and stressors brought about by divorce. Do something for yourself and your health — enroll in a yoga class or practice meditation on your own. Yoga and meditation help you stop ruminating on disturbing thoughts. Instead, you are instructed to acknowledge those thoughts, observe them as an impartial outsider might, and then release them.

Support Groups For Divorcees

Sometimes, all you need is for somebody who truly understands your situation to listen. Not only can you receive compassionate feedback from people who have been in your position, you just might make a new friend.

Family Counseling After Divorce

If you can get your ex to agree to family counseling after the divorce is complete, you may be able to resolve a few lingering issues. This approach will not work for everybody, but if you and your ex are on good terms, this may be an ideal solution. If your children struggle with mental health issues following your divorce, they may also benefit from family counseling.

Music and Art Therapy

Those facing difficult life circumstances, including divorce, are increasingly using music and art therapies. These increasingly popular forms of therapy can help divorcees work through stress and anxiety in a healthy, healing manner. Those who are able to express themselves find that painful memories don’t bother them as much on a daily basis. If you pride yourself on your creativity, music or visual art may be key elements of growth in your post-divorce life.

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