Surviving a Drawn-Out Court Battle With Your Ex

Most separating spouses desire peaceful resolutions in which they get what they want without engaging in drawn-out courtroom battles. Unique circumstances may prevent such a setup, and ex-spouses may quickly find themselves drawn into a bitter ordeal, with months, even years dedicated to difficult dissolution proceedings. Sometimes referred to as a malignant divorce, this process can have a profound impact on all arenas of life.

Malignant divorce may be unavoidable, but your conduct could make all the difference. Keep reading to learn best practices for drawn-out divorce battles:

Let Go of Divorce Expectations
If you anticipated a calm, mediation-based divorce, you’ll be far more disappointed with your courtroom reality than somebody who always expected drawn-out litigation. Stop assuming that a certain type of divorce is ‘better.’ Explore the silver linings of this approach. For example, litigation (even of the malignant nature) tends to be the preferred option for spouses who suffered physical or verbal abuse while married.

Choose Your Battles
If you and your ex butt heads on every single issue, you’ll never resolve your differences. Doormat behavior is not necessary, but it may help to select a few concerns you find especially important—and give a little on less important matters. Sometimes, even a small sign of compromise can calm the storm.

Find Allies
Your lawyer should be a strong advocate through every step of the litigation process, but one ally may not be enough to get you through the chaos of divorce. Additional support surrounds you; turn to your friends and family members for help. Not only can these people offer emotional support, but in certain cases they may also provide valuable evidence in court.

Take Care of Your Physical and Mental Health
Bad health begets bad outcomes in a malignant divorce. Continue to eat balanced meals, minimize alcohol consumption and sleep at least seven hours every night.

Don’t neglect your mental health. Vent to friends and family members or schedule an appointment with your therapist. Don’t let difficult emotions fester; this will increase the likelihood of a regretted outburst in court.

DiPietro Family Law Group boasts a long track record of success with high-tension litigation divorces in Virginia and Maryland. We’re prepared to guide you seamlessly through every phase of the divorce process.

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